Code of ethics

General Principle

  • Respect laws, regulations, ethics and the appropriate use of your activity
  • Act with loyalty, honesty, competency and diligence in the best interest of members
  • Respect the inherent working rules regarding its adherence to the « United Nations Global Compact »

Conflicts of Interests

  • Take all necessary steps to prevent, detect and manage conflicts of interests.

Professional Secrecy

  • Respect the confidentiality of the data made available to Investplace as part of its activities and missions, except with express consent of the concerned parties.
  • Ensure that its personnel does not use the insider data for illicit purposes
  • Ensure that its personnel does not indulge in or benefit from practices likely to alter its judgement or its freedom to analyse and take decisions

Investplace commits:

  • To promote and to respect the protection of international law concerning human rights in their sphere of influence
  • To ensure that it is not an accomplice to breaches of human rights
  • To respect the freedom of association and to recognize the right to collective bargaining
  • To adhere to the elimination of all forms of hard or compulsory labor
  • To adhere to the effective abolition of the child labor
  • To adhere to the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and profession
  • To apply a precautionary approach regarding problems affecting the environment
  • To undertake initiatives tending to promote a bigger responsibility towards the environment
  • To favor the development and the distribution of environment-friendly technologies
  • To act against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

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